So you wanna know some steps on how to potty train you dog, huh? Well you know the old saying “you cant teach an old dog new tricks”……or can you?  Lets read on.

Well to start off yes any dog can learn potty training. Unfortunately their is a common misunderstanding on how to do this. Here we will learn some basic steps you do to teach your dog basic potty training

Getting Started

First off there are a few things I want to get clear.

  1. Patience is key. (Do not get frustrated with your dog.)

  2. Teaching a dog anything can be a time a frustrating process so be patient, understanding, and never hit your dog.

  3. Practice makes perfect
  4. Do not get discouraged.
  5. I can’t begin to mention the amount of people that just give up after a few failed attempts. Keep at it and don’t give up.

Ok, when it comes to basic potty training. Follow these steps and you should begin to see improvement in your dogs potty behavior.

First and most important is what we feed the dog. I suggest dry food twice a day like clockwork. Canned food taste good for your pup but it makes a nasty mess when they have to use relieve themselves. Dry food generally keeps the feces as small pebbles. Give your dog about 15 minutes to eat. If the dog does not finish. Go ahead and take the food away. Under no circumstances should you leave the food lying around all day. Keeping the food controlled is key to potty training, and it makes life easier when you feed them.

Water should also be controlled to when they eat as well. If your dog has access to water all the time chances are they will pee all over the house. So unless your dog is outside or somewhere hot, keep the water controlled to a few times a day.

I suggest take your dog out every few hours setting a clock for 3 hours helps. This is very helpful especially during the nights. For the first few weeks. It will be a pain waking up a whole bunch of times, but after about two weeks you wont need to do wake up to let them out.

Crate training is probably the best thing you could do. Buying a crate just big enough for you dog to fit will keep them from soiling their sleeping quarters. This will train the bladder muscles to get stronger and they will be able to hold themselves for longer periods of time. Dogs don’t generally like to make a mess in their sleeping quarters. So getting a crate is very important. Never force your dog in the crate. Put a trail of treats leading into the crate until they get use to going inside the crate by themselves.

Take your dog on a leash. Even if it’s your back yard. Use a leash and pick a spot you want them to go on. Then wait their until they do. make sure to praise them when they relieve themselves. A high pitch good boy or girl will do. This will teach your dogs to go on one spot. If they poop then just scoop it up to keep the spot clean.

Last of all never ever hit or yell at your dog if their is an accident. It is so important to remember this. doing this will cause them to fear the you they will simply hide from you the next time they want to go. Unless you catch them in the act their is nothing you can do. Rubbing their nose in the urine or feces is a myth. That doesn’t work. So don’t do it. If you do catch
your dog in the act a low pitched no followed by taking them outside is all you can do. Even if they only release a drop outside in that spot after an accident it is important to praise with a high pitch good boy or girl.

Learn to read all the sign before an accident. Sniffing, followed up walking in circles is a main indication that your dog needs to go potty. If they squat then your probably too late. Keep at this and your pal will be house broken in no time.